Ira Joel Haber  2006 All Rights Reserved

These Dutch Doors

A leaf grows with twin identities 

(As if hearted)

 When silence falls upon the lawn 

(For all who fell)

 I can sometimes pitch the knuckle curve 

(The leaf is on my pocket)

 Subscribe to the cigarettes I think too much about 

(Above the waist)

 Ear is the new mouth 

(A sudden place)

 A leaf falls, uninterpreted 

(Once below emotion)

 I am dressed now.




Notes on the dance are few:

In, lovemaking.

Two women holding lanterns.

They are full of.

The response to fear being arousal.


When they face.

Themselves molecules that cannot stop spinning.

Agents which could.

Live on under cellophane.

Sit quietly.

As a sheen pools up.


Chris Salerno
Copyright 2006


Christopher Salernos Whirligig was just published by Spuyten Duyvil Publishing House (NY). Other poems can be found in Verse, the Colorado Review, Jubilat, Jacket, the Tiny, the New Hampshire Review, Agni online, Carolina Quarterly, Barrow Street, Free Verse, Electronic Poetry Review, Lit, River City, Forklift Ohio, Tar River Poetry, Spinning Jenny, GoodFoot, and in the anthology, The Bedside Guide To No Tell Motel. He teaches composition, poetry writing and American literature at North Carolina State University in Raleigh, NC. Visit his blog at

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