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I have shell casings from our war battered into
worthless dimes.

I offer daughters of wild men for autographing
pin tucks, they make wire dolls with their teeth
and tongues.

You can throw a dollar to a hungry family
or press pennies into the motherís hand, thatíll
cost you two, buy their family history for four or
take their children home for a lifetime
unexpected. Price upon request.

On Sundays I buy gripes for the government.
Subsequently, I sell the insanity.

I supply hope in pastille swallows of orange,
banana, coconut or mint.

Geopathy sells well in the summer.
Youíve got your outdoor concerts and your beaches
for low fly-by advertisements.

Youíve got your tourists who fall in love with
the communist commercial, itís a detour from
their cautious privation.

All of my pamphlets fit into my jeans pocket.
Sometimes the pamphlets sell themselves. Like
Needy People are Godís Righteous Indignation
or The World is Poor, You Handsome Devil.

I have it worked out that when I die
theyíll make me into a machine.

Yvette Johnson
Copyright © 2006


YVETTE JOHNSON studied creative writing at Trinity College. She has published two chapbooks in 2006 called Poem and Other Poems and Bluffs.

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