Ira Joel Haber  2006 All Rights Reserved

Three Before the Fall


Tree Frogs

The tree frogs dim
their evensong. Mornings
in summer, asters

outside the kitchen window
the radiant of each
bears a small green jewel,

vanished when the sun repairs
to a southerly room of sky.
Fix each one with the eye

of a Nikon, find the odd
bloom shared by two.

waking to find the day
shedding its velvet cloak, and you
centered in petals.


Because Even the Crows Know

You shut the book,
wait for the voices to die.

There is only space,
crows filling it, the wind

blowing dust from the maples many hands.
Dry August. In the grass

you espy something shiny.
But the sun keeps walking

and it seems you were wrong.
Because the shade plays

tricks on the afternoon light
you are not convinced.

The crows know,
and theyve stopped talking.


Last Frog

He winds the clock
work of his croak
until taut

                          Audible only
            the applause of alders
                        before the fall

And one more bird
he cannot name


            against the granite sky

Ronda Broatch
Copyright 2006


RONDA BROATCH is the author of Some Other Eden, (Finishing Line Press, 2005). Her work has recently appeared, or is forthcoming, in American Poetry Journal, Blackbird, RHINO, Poetry Southeast, and Tiferet. Twice nominated for the Pushcart Prize, Ronda is the recipient of the 2005 Kay Snow Poetry Award, and the 2006 WPA William Stafford Award.

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