Joan Stuart Ross  © 2005 All Rights Reserved

The Truth is not an Historical Category

as if the knowledge caught her once again
asleep in a creaking chair
looking at something else or stiffly turning

from a bit of crabbed grammar
in the Metalogicon or digging in the yard
with muddy hands grown into great broad spades

like the mole’s for tunneling
there is no pause
no glitch in the machine of things

no flash of foregone conclusion saying
you will step away
from this animal body

but only the exercise she knew
stripping off sensation like a smock
letting the words go (one, and then the next)

while the sleeping dog, the hewn stone
the tools laid aside on the ground
no longer scored with brilliant damascening

are shut up in the dim coffer of Art
a train window framing in memory
the ardent Alps scissoring azure

Claire Fanger
Copyright © 2005


Claire Fanger has written poetry since the 1980s, when she got an MA in creative writing at Boston University. She has had poems published in the DMQ Review, July, 2003. Her work has also appeared in the Beloit Poetry Journal and Poetry Daily.

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