Joan Stuart Ross  © 2005 All Rights Reserved

Handhold (for a Zygote)

Welcome. You’ll be good. A jaw infused
with appointed energy, and a brain

the diameter of a crown. You will
not have paradise — not yet, right angles

and endless repairs of etceteras.
The world will be a lover’s apple to

fuss about, your heart an adding machine
with zero to solve. What it is to be

made of feelings. Somewhere ceiling tiles
fall out and break. See how it will happen — 

you’ll lose your lovely coloring, and your
tiny spine will have to bend, bend, and bend.

Andrew Demcak
Copyright © 2005


Andrew Demcak is finishing up his second Master's degree, an MLIS (Master of Library and Information Science) at UC Berkeley. He is currently employed by Oakland Public Library, where he is Assistant Director of Outreach (which is a fancy way of saying that he drives the Bookmobile.) Hidden Talent: the ability to calm jittery squirrels.

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