Summer Lee 2004 All Rights Reserved


Roses on a Sill

Roses on a sill
Drip drip drop funny rain being funny
Shutters shudder, picture flails. Roses
In that picture, picturesque. Roses in a still
Gauze. Patchwork blinds. In potted soil
Roses on a sill. Pink. They being, shudder — rose
Today to roses on a sill, drip drop drip ping.
Rainout roses bud and potted picture, four buds
Five blooming roses
Dripping shutters, they being funny
Coded to fire trees in agonizing wind — rainout
Today roses in picture, bloom, high five
Buds and blooming roses, pines tweak
Their mink necks to catch
Roses, pink roses in picturesque, being roses
Being matching, superb giving life to dying ground
Rain roses, storm roses, five blooming roses,
They being, teeming erect, drip drop roses
Roses on a sill.

Julia Andreevna Istomina
Copyright 2004

Julia Andreevna Istomina was born in Moscow, Russia and moved to the States in 1990. She explores a variety of themes including her fragmented cultural experience within her work, which has been published in Salt International Journal, Pudding Magazine, The Bathyspheric Review, Los Contemporary Poesy & Art, Poetry Magazine and the Columbus Dispatch.

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