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The Poet in Dilby’s Wine Bar

Sure, he’s fascinated by the mountain
but he won’t climb it this year.
And if the forest didn’t beckon
then why this ode to every
spruce and oak of it.
But he makes a point
of stating, "Hiking is out."
The ocean seduces him sure,
or there wouldn’t be his
tidal wave of words about it
but nothing, not even the mermaid
from his faux-ballad about
“The Flying Dutchman”
could convince him to swim
in that chilly water.
He loves love poems,
but not love,
adores animals enough
to not own a dog.
Mostly, he sets up camp in a comer
of a wine bar,
with the friends he reveres in lines,
is unfriendly to in real life.
He drinks...he writes...
though not a syllable about drinking.
“Experience speaks for itself,” he says.
“For the rest, there’s me.”

John Grey
Copyright 2004


John Grey is an Australian born poet, playwright, musician, and a US resident since the late seventies. His latest book is What Else Is There from Main Street Rag. His work has recently appeared in Lichen, Freefall and White Pelican Review.

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