Lynn Powers © 2006 All Rights Reserved

A Spider

Pendulum, diadem,
a dark bauble loose
and undulate in his sloop,
his sheet, pinned as it is

at the glass and the sash
where I kneel, postulant,
to fix him, his fixed, taut
gauntlet and his thready legs.

I keep, as the light leans down, note
of his stays and his drift, and have his
drawn map now to draw to mine:
considered, resolute, and fine.



Between us, coffee
and the scrim of city air, a cast
off the gleam
of heat, still present.

A poor flower in a plain
vase for me to look at, else.
Then a little talk lifts,
the detail no more etched

than your beautiful stainless
face, and opposite me,
from your place in all this light,

do you become hidden.


Leslie Shinn
Copyright © 2006


LESLIE SHINN has an MFA from Warren Wilson College. Her work has appeared in Agenda (UK), Beloit Poetry Journal, Phoebe, Ekphrasis, and other journals, and is forthcoming in Folio. She lives and works in Philadelphia.

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