Lynn Powers 2006 All Rights Reserved

dearest lockbox

its almost time for the melons to arrive    you know the kind    rind tough and forbidding
you are
forced to slice open into halves

this one    asks you to scrape away seeds    to cut orange flesh into fine crescents    with its
still connected    to pull the meat away    with your teeth


there is a great community of birds here

so common    the drip-drop    bluejay
cardinal & starling

who you watch is mocking bird

he steals seedlings    he of the throat-jump
clings to tree trunk
wings beat    he attacks between grassblades    the he of ferocity

hunger & madness    woe to the earthworm unsafe
even hidden    woe to the earth    to the grass

you watch because he asks    you watch

he never sings    he warns    he
watches    one brown dove leave her nest

Natalie Harris
Copyright 2006


NATALIE HARRIS lives, writes, and walks across the street to work in Florence, MA. She received her MFA in Creating Writing from Bennington in 2003 and would like to thank the editors of DMQ for ending her slumber at the wheel.

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