Harry Powers  2005 All Rights Reserved


Thousands of years of glacier defrosted

                                  The Roman Marcellus kept at it

not far from Denver
                                  until he conquered Syracuse

revealing an ice age wooly mammoth

                                   ordering destruction to all but Archimedes.

carcass reclining in slush.

                                    The old mathematician, engrossed in making circles in dust

The big find made big news

                                    ignored a command to come along

so no one listened to the guy

                                    and the enraged conscript thrust his sword for kill

who asked why everything was melting.

                                    leaving the problem unsolved.

Barb Lundy
Copyright 2005


Barb Lundy works in marketing for a non-profit organization. Recent credits include JAMA, Potomac Review and MacGuffin among others, and upcoming work in Lullwater Review and Blue Unicorn.

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