Harry Powers  © 2005 All Rights Reserved


Neanderthals had flaring hips
Schumann wrote music on windowpanes
Bach had twenty children
and dragonflies have lower lips to hook their prey

Bach diapered babies
black holes sing one note: B flat
a flea can jump eight inches
and sawfly larvae spit pine resin when attacked

rats have pleasure pathways
lacewing larvae do a woolly-aphid masquerade
light can stop and start again
and the female praying mantis eats her mate

water striders use their legs as oars
spittlebugs can out jump fleas
Alexander thought he was Achilles
and male mammals get erections when they dream

people have pleasure pathways
Haydn’s wife used music to line pastry pans
“yoga” is from Sanskrit
and Aristotle taught that insects couldn’t breathe

Lucille Lang Day
Copyright © 2005


Lucille Lang Day’s poetry has appeared widely in magazines and anthologies. Her collections are Infinities, Wild One, Fire in the Garden, and Self-Portrait with Hand Microscope, which was selected by Robert Pinsky for the Jackson Award. She received her M.A. and M.F.A in creative writing at SF State University.

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