Submissions Guidelines
Lately, it’s been apparent to me that not a lot of folks submitting to Disquieting Muses are paying attention to submissions guidelines.  So...

The term "Disquieting Muses" comes from a Plath poem, but our name is also an announcement to both reader and writer:  no subject will be off limits.  We do lean towards the edgy, but we would like to clarify that a damn good love poem can be very edgy.  So don't think DM is just about downers. Beethoven's 9th is disquieting. WE SUGGEST YOU READ OUR MAGAZINE to better understand what it is we are looking for. Disquieting Muses is hungry for work possessing verve.  Does your work have a certain hum to it?  Does it vibrate on the page, or in your bones?  Style and theme are not as important as clarity, quality and verve.

We consider very little rhyming verse.  If you do not know what a forced rhyme is then you probably should save it for someone else.

We are NO LONGER accepting previously published work unless by invitation.   We will run searches on poems accepted to the magazine.   Simultaneous submissions are still acceptable, so long as you tell us that the poem is under consideration elsewhere and keep its status up-to-date with us.

We request that the author submit their name, mailing address, an email address (one that works) where they would like responses sent, and a short biography.  Do not send us your life story, the names of ALL 200 magazines where your work has appeared (keep it down to ten), what you had for lunch today, or long rambling ego-trip soliloquies.  We know you’re talented and bright if you appear in our magazine.

With regards to copyrights:

Disquieting Muses receives the rights to publish work submitted on the web site and /or any future paper publications.  The author of a work retains full ownership and is free to have it published elsewhere, provided the other publishers do not require first-time rights AND that those publishers acknowledge prior publication in Disquieting Muses.

Submissions must be made by either the creator of a work, or on authorized behalf of the creator.  If the work is a translation, then we require something in writing stating that the original author or party acting on behalf of the original author is aware of the translation and gives permission to it.  Plagiarism is a crime -- do not submit work that is not yours. Disquieting Muses will participate in any and all investigations regarding plagiarism and this magazine.

We ask that you include the following statement in your submission:

I agree that the work I am submitting is my own original poetry, artwork, photography, review or translation.  I give Disquieting Muses the right to publish said work in an electronic issue and agree that the work has never been published.  I also agree that Disquieting Muses publishes the work, first publication credit will be given to Disquieting Muses in any subsequent publications.  I retain the publication rights on all work submitted to Disquieting Muses, but Disquieting Muses is allowed to republish said work in an anthology and/or CD version at a future time.

Poetry submissions:

We ask that you send us 3-5 poems.  Trust us on this, we’d like to see at least three poems and we’d like to see no more than 5. Do not send us your url and ask us to wade through your collection.  PLEASE take the time to read the magazine and send us what you think will go with what we have said here.

We encourage email submissions.  Put your poems in the body of the message.  Don’t forget to clip the statement above and include your bio.  Send your messages to or to  Everything else you need to know is in the above text.

Photography and Art:

Please send us your artwork as a .jpg attachment.  Please check out the current and previous issues to get a feel for the kind of work we are looking for.  Send us your artwork as a .jpg attachment to  We understand that you have large bodies of work and would like us to view everything in your collections, but we would prefer it if you sent us work you think would go with our magazine.  Please make all photographic and art files 500 pixels wide if Portrait or 500 pixels high if Landscape.

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