"Peace and Quiet" by Sheheryar Hasnain  copyright 2000

there are no walls to my office, this life with its indoor air
there is not outside, either, no sun streaming my bones
and their threat to break, rebellion against all this sterility

it was not borne there, this inclination to do nothing and nothing
repetitive motion of hands on keys
     i have forgotten about the body
do you know i dream in my sleep
     do you know i am filled with dream

when i emerged into life, capable and demanding, the first thing i saw
was a flower
in my mother's room
     the yellow hospital light could not dim nature's doing
a vase of geraniums on the windowsill

pick me from this earth, my desk
     place me in a scene

i have grown square like my environment, cubicle of flesh and all else
     that is real

copyright 2000 Kate Lutzner


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