Lorraine Capparell  © 2007 All Rights Reserved

Later but not now

See, they kiss.

        And you were mistaken:

        thatís the sound of bees on a corpse of an apple

        (nothing you couldíve done would've stopped it from falling)

        not of something not being said that needed to.

He breathes not at all.

        She just a bit (enough for both of them),

        a flare at the nostrils, her neck turned.

        Elsewhere the headaches begin.

        It will be something along those lines.

See how it lingers there on his lips

        (the filed down teeth of desire?)

        like a dab of alcohol before the shot:

        moonlight makes the frostó


Joseph Radke
Copyright © 2007


Joseph Radkeís poems have appeared in Boulevard, Versal, Poetry East, Natural Bridge, and elsewhere. He is the recipient of an Academy of American Poets prize. He lives in Milwaukee where he teaches writing and works on the Cream City Review. Salt&Sand, his poetry manuscript, is seeking a publisher. He can be reached at jradkeuwm@yahoo.com.

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