Lorraine Capparell  © 2007 All Rights Reserved

Baby Heads and Rose Petals

What to make of things. One knew.
Another kept a “reducing glass” to see as if from a distance.

Watching swallows.
No matter the angle, she liked the vertical rhythm.

Then there are words:
“forthrightly” and “a romance of commonsense.”

She had a fondness for end-of-life-paintings,
canning jars, assembly.

But she preferred the deeper energies.
Perpetually, to recede.

She would have liked to share her silence.

Kelly Moffett
Copyright © 2007


Kelly Moffett teaches writing at Kentucky Wesleyan College. Her work has appeared in the Laurel Review, Hubbub, Phoebe, and New Writing, among others. Her book, Waiting for a Warm Body to Fill It, will be released April 2008 through Cinnamon Press.

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