Lorraine Capparell  © 2007 All Rights Reserved

Dream Of The Rood

And where we were,
skin and splinters entered.
Endure this time. Endure
each other. I held

you up. I was your
stand. I was your stake.
I wanted to hide.
The crowd crowded—

some put you up,
others wanted you down.
The dark haired girl
licked your t-shirt.

I sat in the far back corner
behind a woman drinking coffee
loudly, and a man
writing in a Moleskine notebook:

the kind Hemingway used,
and you too. I stayed.
You looked tired, hungry.
And I was glad to be closer.

And I was glad to be that close.
How could I . . . How could I not.
The warmth of your back in the morning.
I had to hold up.

Jennifer S. Flescher
Copyright © 2007


Jennifer S. Flescher is a poet and a journalist. Her poetry publications include the Harvard Review, the New Hampshire Review, the Boston Globe and Eclipse. Her nonfiction publications include Agni-online, the Boston Globe, Perihelion, Jubilat and Poetry Daily. She is editor of the letterpressed literary magazine Tuesday.

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