Lorraine Capparell  © 2007 All Rights Reserved

Reading Thoreau

I know this new scene
    of windblown snow now smoothed

under moonlight outside
    my window would have pleased

Thoreau, whose comforting
    words I had been reading once again

earlier in the evening.
    He might have liked every detailó

these thin birch trees
    leaning beneath the great weight

of winterís weather, a white
    backdrop of landscape scarred

only by their darker arms,
    the slim shadows of each limb

reaching out toward one
    another, that gray oval of ice

opening like an empty
    bowl below them, and the far stars

filtering through the black
    branches like blooms of winter fruit.

Edward Byrne
Copyright © 2007


Edward Byrne is the author of five collections of poetry, most recently Tidal Air, published by Pecan Grove Press. His work has also appeared in numerous journals, including American Literary Review, American Poetry Review, American Scholar, Missouri Review, North American Review, Quarterly West, and Southern Humanities Review. He is a professor in the English Department at Valparaiso University, where he edits Valparaiso Poetry Review.

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