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An Excuse for Charging Headlong Into the Chagall Museum Without a Ticket

the walls were singing a cappella
I was blind with colorócolor blind

it was the blue, the bounteous
bountiful blue and oh, the burnt sienna

I think I will live forever
I know that I will live forever

someone tie me to a steeple
my bones have disappeared

if I fall down to weep
surely the angels will understand

forgive me, I never knew what
it was to be so porous

and yet so full of light

Jean Lin
Copyright © 2006


Jean Lin has been an educator for many years, teaching at all levels from Pre-School to University. She has contributed poetry to Caesura, Cardinal Rusk County Poetry Society Yearbook and other presses. She has completed a poetry-memoir, Breathing Rice, and is currently at work on a chapbook, Pockets of Light. She lives in Saratoga, California and is on the advisory board of Poetry Center San Jose.

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