Dee Rimbaud 2005 All Rights Reserved

Once Upon a Time

There was a gob of mud
Lolling around on the ocean floor

And it gathered itself together
In the form of your grandmother
And migrated to land

It felt very unhappy
Living with Cousin Moss
So it invented Calisthenics
In several large fruit trees

When suddenly your crazy grandfather
Lassoed an alphabet of sounds
So he could converse with his enemies
While he grew a thumb    Go to sleep now Billy
Yes      All of this is the absolute truth      All


John McKernan
Copyright 2005


John McKernan teaches at Marshall University West Virginia. He teaches seminars in Healing the Fractured Comma and introductory courses on Theories of the Exclamation Point. Recent poems of his have appeared in Gulf Coast, Mudfish, and The Paris Review.

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