Chris Roberts-Antieau  © 2008 All Rights Reserved


Heís accepted the position. Do
whatever you want. A bonus
of 20 percent. I said, ďYouíre
right. She has no clue.Ē Iíll tell you
the whole story sometime. It should
be worth it. You will anyway,
wonít you? Iíll make sure heís called once
the internal announcement is
made. Because time frames. Donít take out
the trash. Take your wife to dinner
and do something fun. Iíll let you
know before you prepare any
communications. Bless you. Thatís
fine. Go ahead. I will do some
work for you for relocation.
Bless you. Do you remember the
story? Do you understand itís
less money? At his mercy on
that one. Thatís exactly right. I
was able to address. And if
itís raining still. See what I can
get out of those guys. She said itís
raining good. I donít know what to
expect. I only need to see
your Dayton boarding pass. I donít
care where you are going after.


Robert Lee Brewer
Copyright © 2008


Robert Lee Brewer is the editor of Writerís Market and sole contributor to the Poetic Asides blog at His poetry has been published in several print and online journals, including MEAT, Words Dance, Otoliths, and MiPOesias (Cafe Cafe Edition). He enjoys listening to others speak.

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