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Two Poems
   Amy Bracken Sparks
Edgar & the Horses   Christine Walsh
Also Shouting   R.S. Armstrong
Two Poems   Melissa Holm
The Ohio River  Michael Baker
Owl   Chris Crittenden
A Focus  Brent Goodman
Intermezzo  Cyril Wong
Medusa and Neptune  Susan Varnot
Other Ides   Rodney Nelson
Circus  Larry Rapant
Vietnam: Superstition  Donna Vorreyer
Wreckage of Hours  Kim Mahler
Cannulae  Andrew Demcak

Featured Poets (click here)

Noah Eli Gordon; Marge Piercy; Reginald Shepard

selections from Poet's Bookshelf II


From the Ether    Sally Ashton, Editor in Chief

From the Archives  "The Fifth and Careful Season" by Joel Vega

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Bob Dornberg

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