Bob Dornberg  © 2007 All Rights Reserved

Other Ides

River had gone rampant on time
but with more inflow than its width
could take would not subdue and went
swollen like a man to marry
again into the ides of May
                    the Red
for all that weight was not
too old to cut a meander
and make a meadow of risen
carp in the bottomland not now
with the Otter Tail feeding it

Rodney Nelson
Copyright © 2007


Rodney Nelson worked as freelance book and copy editor while writing fiction, plays, and—in recent years—poetry only. His entry in the Poets & Writers directory lists contributions to print and online journals and a number of books, e.g., the novel Villy Sadness. He has an e-chapbook, Swede Poems, from Shearsman (England 2007). Nelson lives in North Dakota.

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