Peter Davis  © 2005 All Rights Reserved

Our Time Figured

we tried listening and the clocks got stuck
in lives they’ve always known we’ve had

we knew the rooms would figure us in time
in chairs know the days parted in us and still not yet

astonished to have figured we figured wrong
we stayed the day until the day was done with us

our lives got stuck in lives they’ve always known
they’ve had until our time figured it was time

we sat in the same chairs partly because our parts
were still not figured and after all time wasn’t yet

known to us we tried answering and the room found
fast there wasn’t room to stay the day for time to figure

our lives were in the clocks astonished to find the room
in lives we’ve never known or had

Chris Young
Copyright © 2005


Chris Young lives in Oregon and teaches tennis. Her poems have appeared in various journals such as Taint Magazine, Samsara Quarterly, MiPoesias, Eclectica, Stirring and others.

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