Peter Davis  2005 All Rights Reserved


            “Night. A dove with a little twig
            glided by.” Emma Andijewska

Rain falls for days on end,
its spell sturdy as a spider’s web,
an iron enchantment descending upon a castle.

The damsels within have fallen asleep
before their half-stitched tapestries
(one asleep with a sleeping falcon
on her outstretched arm) (one
asleep in the weave of her golden hair)
(the lovers asleep in a feast of dreams).

You see this through the blue lens of rain,
and hear — what do you hear? —
the hall clock ticking as if time hadn’t long ago
run out?

In someone’s dream it’s morning. Light
laps at the window and strikes the crystal
animals arranged in a double row on the sill.
In another’s dream it’s still night:
you can hear water purling through chambers
and passageways. You can see the single
leafless twig from there. The little bird:
all heartbeat and hollow bone.

Do Gentry
Copyright 2005


Do Gentry won third prize and two honorable mentions in the 2004 Sacramento Poetry Center’s annual competition, and has had poems published in Sulphur River Literary Review, Ekphrasis, Fourteen Hills, Rhino, The Ledge, and elsewhere. Her chapbook entitled The Nightmare Parable was the winner of the 2004 Permafrost competition.

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