Peter Davis  2005 All Rights Reserved

His Dresden Boots

Troubled below air force relics,
grandfather’s flying boots buckled
with a certain red weight. They’d long lost
their tan and absorbed an umber wrinkle,

a day burnt from its morning peace.
I remember the embers in his eyes as he said
they were both on the floor and on his feet forever,
that he would never wear nor remove them again.
And that they talked to him. While he confessed,

heat flushed his scored face
like the leather’s oiled-in penance,
like wood stained of pierced palms.
Like being judged.

I know what he meant now, how a man
carries his steps like stones to the grave.
How ears hear from far away — sounds
they know were there. How aftermath,
the silence and stillness, stay with you,
just like souvenirs.

Patrick Carrington
Copyright 2005


Patrick Carrington was born and raised in the boroughs of New York City. He teaches literature and creative writing in southern New Jersey, and is the poetry editor for the art & literary journal Mannequin Envy. He lives on a secluded beach with his wife. They have a son and boatload of daughters wandering along the shoreline somewhere. His poetry can be found in numerous print and online journals, including Confrontation Magazine, River Oak Review, Epicenter, Pedestal Magazine, Slow Trains Literary Journal and many others. He’ll be appearing as the featured writer in the fall issue of the web-based journal Artistry of Life.

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