Peter Davis  2005 All Rights Reserved

Elegance of Surprise

It’s about now when things stop
making sense    three a.m.    you and I, a taxi
San Francisco streets.

In the back seat I’m humming
the pulse of the city like the thin cross—
hatch of wires that fly by the window—
a secret code I can’t quite decipher
because dawn is lurking to the right
of the corner gas station.

Patient as the street lights that guide
our way home, you’re murmuring
directions and I imagine
your hand on my thigh. I think of how
we kissed in the blue-lit bar, how nothing
ever turns out the way they do in romance
novels, more like a Dali painting—
objects dripping out of reality
into strange and lonely space.

But in an hour, I find your unfamiliar body
explaining itself under my fingers.
I realize something about the elegance of surprise
as morning arrives wordlessly
light breaking over abandoned streets
with the simplicity of a story that’s told
again and again and again

Tamiko Beyer
Copyright 2005


Tamiko Beyer is a queer, mixed-race writer living in Brooklyn, NY. Her poetry has appeared in a variety of online and print publications including Tea Party, EdificeWrecked, Calyx, and Gumball Poetry.

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