Brad Reyes 2004 All Rights Reserved

Fragments After Catullus

we watch a spider watching a spider work
without doing any spider work

keep in mind the hunter’s maxim
after the slaughter clean yr knife
then put your meat away

on the after-dinner promenade
under protective custody
of the old-boy white sycamores
we watch the pious ones
watching us & reading
from their manuals
of correctness in walking

if you hit delete twice
& spelt it with two esses
it wd smell just like piss

a young man’s poet
the scholar emails me
& i hit the Send button
Yes! remembering the wife

oh don’t blanch
let it rip
as it anyhow will
it’s just the sound of yr marriage
coming apart

in her wood in early light
under a craggy valley oak
a baby gray squirrel clanks about
white knob at the end of its tail
So the hunters can see it
Master Blaster brays

just the addition of one letter
e.g. the half-hip telephone pole
of italic lower case t
transports you out the spiritual
world of aesthetic delight
into that of commerce
i’m talking about the insane mutation
from bough to bought

always remember she says
 you’re always in charge
but i know she laughs like hell
with her girlfriends when i’m gone

a real knack
for manufacturing messes
a pig spouting pig-latin

consider the ungainly redbud its bronze pockets
hanging down & flamingo legs of crape myrtle too
but even the spindly pomegranate rises
from ordinary when the muthos of spring bloom arrives

idle speculations of idle minds
course they competed with each other
the bebop pioneers
but they were collaborators as well
comrades co-conspirators knocking down
walls of convention meeting every day
to jolt the world onto its side
but yes competitors especially for skirts

those twisted giants of her wood
noble exteriors hiding
the corruption within
heart-rot that robs everything
of its very best self

when the cops came they said
it was my name alone
heard plastered against the plaster walls

the young man’s poet
my wife jeers
meaning them that never grow up

 he keeps saying Traditionally
 when all he means is customarily

six minutes in the dark
passage finding the doorway in
almost nothing more thrilling
almost nothing more thrilling


Sanford Dorbin
Copyright 2004


Sanford Dorbin lives in Chico, California. He had a poem in Spring ’04 ZYZZYVA.

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