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An external observer believes that a number of particles moving through space have purpose, because their orbits widen and contract in predictable ellipses for years.

There are rumors that other, darker particles are hidden behind the quanta of these known, and that they have a different purpose, which is not the purpose the observer observes, and not the purpose that ciphers the skies.

So the particles drive home, and go to work, and do not leap off into higher or lower orbits for risk of losing sleep over all that energy. If they are right, they fill each open episode precisely long enough to keep their own space from collapsing on the observer external to the external observer, which observes and keeps the particles fixed in a corner of its one dark eye.


Brian Clements
Copyright 2004


Brian Clements is the author of Essays Against Ruin (poems), editor of Sentence: A Journal of Prose Poetics, and Coordinator of the MFA Program in Creative and Professional Writing at Western Connecticut State.

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