Pantea Karimi    © 2017 All Rights Reserved

The patience of horses in rain

If there are four or five,
they face the same way,
they do not hide,
but hold their heads up while
water pelts them
along the length of their hides.

They are looking at their ancestors
who point them toward a great equine god,
one with their bodies,
but whose head
reaches into the clouds,
obscured and unseen.

Blood pours through their veins
while their god rains down on them,
cleansing them of their captivity
freeing them, for a moment,
from their reins.


Ken White
Copyright © 2017  

Ken White’s work has recently appeared in Dunes Review and Green Hills Literary Lantern. He completed his MFA from Antioch University, Los Angeles and is concerned with the interplay between the seen and unseen within the web of emotions, relationships, and spiritual practices.

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