Pantea Karimi   © 2017 All Rights Reserved

            after “Fear of Waves” by Katherine Bradford

Until the shore disappears and the water rises.
Until white waves eat the water and the people

turn, arms outstretched, mouths opening towards
air. Until the sea overcomes, overhauls, over-
tumbles, over, over, and you are about

to disappear. Until your breath is a villain
in your lungs. Until the water is upon
you. Until you kick, sideways, backwards.

Until the waves churn the sand, reach the shore—
take back what lies there. Until the sea spits
cries in your ear, until you become salt on tongue.


Judy Kaber
Copyright © 2017  

Judy Kaber’s poems have appeared or are forthcoming in Eclectica, Crab Creek Review, Off the Coast, and the Comstock Review. Contest credits include the Maine Postmark Poetry Contest, the Larry Kramer Memorial Chapbook Contest, and, most recently, second place in the 2016 Muriel Craft Bailey Poetry Contest. She lives in Maine.

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