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On National Poetry Month~


With a huge sigh of relief this editor bids April a fond farewell—if not good riddance—turns to a less cluttered calendar page, and manages to launch our long-awaited Spring Issue into the ether.

In order to do so without further delay, I will forgo the usual From the Ether reflection and adopt one of National Poetry Months popular modes: the Twitter Poem. In the spirit of a personal note and, most importantly, to speed these terrific poems to you, I offer the following.

Farewell National Poetry Month
oh cruelest month of the year—
AWP, events, readings, work-
shops and hours of poetry
not showers—a flood! #ciao

And no, I’m not going to edit the dang thing anymore.

We hope you find the time to sit down to these pages with eyes refreshed, spirits lifted, and calendars cleared to enjoy the stunning work of visual artist Phillip Hua and these many fine poets who help keep poetry vital all year long.

We are pleased to present each one.

from the Ether,

Sally Ashton

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