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My neighbor, whose fifteen-year hobby has been
conservative windbag idolatry

despite his blue-collar job, two-foot bong,
and lack of liquid assets

is obsessed by tiny helicopters, like many
middle-aged men suddenly.

For weeks he’s perfected smooth figure-eights
over the heads of his dogs, taking tips

from retirees, the delighted society
of those who “go fly” at the park

who know this machine the way men perform knowing—
down to the specs, model numbers, speeds and dials.

A harmless hobby. There is nothing
subjective about it.

He wants to instruct. I hold the remote
like I'm six, and a boy.

This is the way you control it. When it dies,
replace the battery. I think about bombs

falling from drones and give the object
too much power. It’s okay, he says.

If anything bad happens, just kill the throttle.


Sarah Lyn Rogers
Copyright © 2016  

Sarah Lyn Rogers is the Fiction Editor for the Rumpus, a reviewer for Publishers Weekly, and a lover of words. Inevitable What, her chapbook of poems focused on spells, rituals, travel, and magical objects, is available from Sad Spell Press beginning this May. For more of her work, visit

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