Phillip Hua © 2016 All Rights Reserved

When Joe Drizzles Honey

across the pineapple
he is drizzling time
soft and pliant
weaving it across pyramids
of fruit.

Oozing over fragrant
edges, dripping thick
to amber pools
its scent ascends
wild-spiced by minutes
by hovering hours

And frantic legs
of bristling sisters
the telegraphic two-step
that gossips wildly
within the hive
of miles of sagebrush
or allium tossing purple

When Joe squeezes gently
on the bear-shaped bottle
the pour of journeys
shimmers down
with unstopped touching
of tongues to flower

And pushing backward
of always one more
speck of sweetness
the stuffed frayed pockets
that drag from dawn
their golden burden
heading homeward at
the heels of dusk.


Jean C. Howard
Copyright © 2016  

Award-winning video and performance poet, organizer, producer, and participant in the original development of the internationally acclaimed “Poetry Slam,” Jean Howard has poetry published in over one hundred publications, including Harper's Magazine, The Chicago Tribune, and her own book, Dancing In Your Mother's Skin (Tia Chucha Press).

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