Sarah Awad    © 2016 All Rights Reserved

Girl Out in the Cold

All Hallow’s Eve, snow-fog of winter, the girl is lanky,
her hair a nest of dark sticks, pea coat frayed at

the collar. Unibrow, hooded eyes, pale mask of a face
cloud up, as her chilled breath curves into horns

above her head. No treat here, only a treatment.
What's real? What's unreal? Is she voiceless, or is that

a snarl I hear? She's close, then closer. Look away, or
she'll vamp you cold as she is. Wait. . . is that only

steam, or are there fangs between those plump lips?
Stop. She needs you. Give up, give in.


Susan Terris
Copyright © 2016  

Susan Terris’ recent books are Ghost of Yesterday: New & Selected Poems (Marsh Hawk Press) and Memos (Omnidawn). Journal publications include Denver Quarterly, Field, Southern Review, and Ploughshares. A poem from Field appeared in Pushcart Prize XXXI. A poem from Memos is in Best American Poetry 2015. She’s editor of Spillway Magazine.

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