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Excuse for a Pet

Today the sick cat came out of her cage
and sat with me in the sun bumping her head

against my arm, dementedly trying
to drink from my coffee cup, which is normally repellent to cats

She is old, incontinent and slovenly. Her fur is matted,
she has subcutaneous lumps, sharp-edged bones and random dampness

She walks across my legs, lies down on her side
flat as a doormat and sniffs the air. A dog barks and she climbs

on my lap, alarmed. I am not unfeeling, I am having to balance
the needs of the many

against the mighty armada of time
y también las platas tectónicas creep

y las montañas pile up in the arid zones
is there liberty in this massive reformation?

Because the human body is now maladapted
to the landscape. We demand a better one

surgery, chemicals, a more appropriate machine
Still there’s only so far you can go

Bio-mechanical interdependencies
thwart the tailoring of the costume

and the balance of the perfect against the burden
of being is the ever-shifting fault-line

Later she goes back in her cage
y también las platas tectónicas creep


Frank Rubino
Copyright © 2016  

Frank Rubino’s poetry has been published or is forthcoming in Vending Machine Press, The Cape Rock, Caliban Online, Caveat Lector, Arachne Press Limited, The WorldLittle Light, and New Directions. The experience of adopting a child in the post-Soviet bloc is the subject of his novel Boy American, published on Amazon in 2014.

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