Sarah Awad    2016 All Rights Reserved

And we all go home

I hear the universe came together
in delirious music
the rumblings of subway trains
the laughter coming
from the girl
kissing her mother
my mother I remember
would suck the air out of my ears
in a loud, hard pop
the universe coming together for me
in ear infections and drops
leaning from side to side
feeling the icy wet roll
from one galaxy
to another
in motion sickness
in second hand smoke
in Star Wars trading cards
but that was the nineties
that was normal then
and we were all dead before
the spiders in my brain
the universe is a wad of cotton
the universe is a girl that loves her mother
is flowers bending and standing up


Rachel Kang
Copyright 2016  

Rachel Kang is a writer and actor. She received her BFA from New York University and lives in Queens with her foster cat, Sheila. For more of her work, visit

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