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Me Drawing a Picture of Me[n] 2

When I walked back from bloodborne pathogens today at Benedum Hall I stopped the wrong stop. Missed the church, took a turn and ran into your Wednesday afternoon thoughts. I heard you before the snow began to fall! I was surprised to find that crusted memory: white like snow and gorgeous round in my mouth. My mucous membrane mouth. This membrane this mem mem brain this men brain these men


Me Drawing a Picture of Me[n] 3

You can turn right onto Craig street, but if the light is green go towards Neville. Yellow light. Run. Pass Mitchellís Tavern, right onto Neville. Cross here or in the middle later. You will not pass the Obama poster. Walk to the end where the church sits on the corner. The Church of Ascension. Walk through the parking lot. A salt works van sits here, the salt of the earth. Donít touch the church, not yet. Touch is too much, touch is too much. Donít touch the church. Touch is too much. Please, please, the columns are wetpaint! Donít touch. I know I know the column is smooth. Donít touch, I know they are so tall and soft looking. They are to be left untouched. Left left left and thereís a patch with heads of trees watching the center of the grass. I call it Gethsemane kneel here. Wait for me.

Rachelle Escamilla
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Rachelle Escamilla is producer/host of KKUP 91.5 FMís Out of Our Minds. She received the 2014 Willow Books Literature Prize in Poetry for her first collection Imaginary Animal. She was co-founder of Sun Yat-sen University's English-language Center for Creative Writing in Guangzhou, China.

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