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The Orgasm Wants to be a Sonnet
            after “Caprice” by Maureen Seaton and Denise Duhamel  

The orgasm wants to be a sonnet composed
by her friends, Denise and Maureen. She pictures
herself in one of their whimsical scenes, but not
in their novelettes. No, she’d rather star in a comic
strip, a fable or fairy tale. Which? She’s not sure
yet. An insomniac, she’d make a lousy Sleeping Beauty.
Even drugs don’t work on her. And her natural color
is pink, so she’s no Snow White. But she could be
Little Red Riding Hood, Goldilocks, or the Princess
and the Pea. She often pretends she’s just a sweet
dumb thing, but she always knows whom or what
she’s been sleeping with: a bear, a wolf, or tiny green peas
(though she calls her peas, petits pois, a French term
also used to describe Thumbelina’s new breasts).


The Last Orgasm
            after Rainer Maria Rilke 

Who could she ever call to for help? And how—
how could she not be overwhelmed by the sorrow
that sings at the core of your everyman’s heart? Already
she has sensed the heat coursing beneath your skin
for every orgasm secretly wishes to burn. To let
the flames travel to her fingertips and slowly fill
the curves of your empty spaces. Oh my love, you sigh,
watching her languish as only the angels can. Slowly
she masters the art of holding on to the pain, letting each
tiny flicker bloom like a rose.


One day you wake and look for her, but no one is
there. Only the carpeted hallway, the garbage overflowing
the trash pails. A face in frames. Yesterday’s coffee
on the mahogany table. Is it hers? Yours? As the sun
rises, love turns to dust that glitters like a thousand stars.
You open the door and go about your business. All day you stare,
glassy-eyed at the world—no longer desiring, no longer
sipping tea or eating Triscuits and cheese. You ponder the facts, how
your soul has no place to rest. She will come
back, you say without much faith. She will take you
away, her hair a dark sail gliding into the horizon.


Nin Andrews
Copyright © 2016  

Nin Andrews’ most recent collection, Why God Is a Woman, won the Ohioana Award in 2016. Her next chapbook, Our Lady of the Orgasm, is due out in October, 2016.

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