Steven DaLuz   © 2015 All Rights Reserved

Goodnight, Goodbye

You catch the wild goose;
it fills your arms with feathers
and hissing. You tend to family ghosts,
feeding them your lantern-breath.

Vermin flee under foot.
A snake-filled stairwell seethes.
Strange women devour me.
You worry your fingers red and raw.


The sea swallows you.
Same dream you’ve had
since childhood. The dream
that ultimately came true.

I would pulverize your bones.
I would rave beside your ghost.
I would walk into that sea
without swimming.



Derek JG Williams
Copyright © 2015  

Derek JG Williams puts words into rows both long and short. He’s an MFA candidate and a graduate teaching assistant at UMass Boston. His poems are published or forthcoming in Prairie Schooner, New Ohio Review, Salamander, the Cortland Review, Redivider, and Best New Poets 2013, among others. Learn more at

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