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Found Bio

Christine Richardson was born. She grew up and has lived ever since. She attended
High School under the sharp, watchful eye. She was a finalist for Miss Lost Nation.
She entered the graduate program where she earned a husband and a degree. Her poems
have recently been translated where she taught for 30 years. She has spent time in the
City of Regrets. Swimming in the rain she was born and reborn, a fact that she finds
shocking. No need for stoplights, her criticisms appear regularly. Blackbirds have been
studied in 70 dream poems. She is an enrolled member of the Past Keeps Changing.
She has her own language and customs that trace back to the Secrets of the Tribe. (Once
she fell out of bed in a room with no floor). Currently she is a stay-at-home-poet-in-
residence and lives full-time in the Necessary Dark. But her heart is in the City of Eternal
Spring where she will return one day entering the Nine Gates of the Border Kingdom
to examine the famous last words of the Lucky Fish. She recently finished a novel.


Over and Over Again

The poem sits on a shelf. The man who set it there
has gone into the deep woods to find another. No
snowfall to silence the trees. No horse for companion.
He crosses the forest floor like the mole beneath: even false
starts have purpose. For a time he stands in the single
slant of sunlight serrating the thick canopy of pines.
He must carry patience like a pen. Forage with the nocturnal
animals with or without the moon. Meanwhile the
poem on the shelf waits. Its letters lined up like chairs ready
for the congregation to arrive, the choir to begin singing.


Christine Richardson
Copyright 2015  

Christine Richardson was an educator for 35 years. She lives in San Jose, CA, where she co-hosts a popular poetry reading supporting the poet in everyone. She writes her poetry in a cottage behind her garage.

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