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Eel River Delta

Seas of thunder ran high that summer—
breakers edging between us, spewing
river days flat on the beach—
drowned rats in sun-blacked wrack
flattened sand in their pelts—
uneven glances of daylight.

How many days have passed
since we yearned through ruffled surf,
dove to the bottom and surfaced
dripping with laughter?

Never? You can’t mean never—
I’ve just this moment recaptured
the croak of the cormorant
breaking the flames of evening.

Remember the smell of your fingers—
the stroke of seaweed soaked
with the brine of nervy spring? And
seas of thunder booming? And
the rats, their fractured glistening?


R. W. Poole
Copyright © 2015  

R. W. Poole lives, works, and is currently preparing for winter in New Hampshire, USA. East Meets West American Writers Review, where she was awarded Second Prize, Apeiron, and Behemoth, have previously published her work. She is finishing up a chapbook centered on the Persephone story which she hopes to publish next year.

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