Bea Garth  2015 All Rights Reserved


the living dies

yet still grows
            & sheds

threads loosed in the wind

    as dust
& the pollen infects

            through the breeze

a clearing

where a house winters

where a house

can breathe



like the fox
on its back
            in a field

the mornings
are not the days

but their underbelly

tendered out


in trusting not to touch

a curtain of prayer

this light

turned out

this light shot down

these lights, these deaths


Amber Nelson
Copyright 2015  

Amber Nelson is the co-founder and poetry editor of alice blue review and the founding editor of alice blue books. She is the author of several chapbooks, most recently Dutch Baby Combo (Dancing Girl). Her first full-length book, In Anima: Urgency, is available from Coconut.

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