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Her Own Concoction

Melanie weaves her three-wing spinners
from grass blades and fern-leaf spidersí webs
and ties them onto dandelion stalks.
They drift on the breeze above the grassy park
until these murderous gossamer lures
tangle on the wings of zebra moths
who gasp their last on seats of swings.
She gathers them,
mashes them to a paste in her pestle,
stirs them into her hot chocolate milk
and sips until she feels
that flutter in her throat.



Scrawl thy screen
time not quick painting
focus on the text
question answer correctly
the screen stare at the screen
the screen is boring change the screen
close eyes sing
to sleep the screen awakens
the screen makes breakfast
kiss the screen
caress the screen
get the screen with child.


Jesse Minkert
Copyright © 2015  

Jesse Minkert lives in Seattle. In 2008, Wood Works Press published a letterpress collection of his microstories, Shortness of Breath & Other Symptoms. His work has appeared in about forty-five journals including the Georgetown Review, Confrontation, Mount Hope, Floating Bridge Review, and Harpur Palate. He keeps a blog at

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