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Art Book

Nothing is more boring
than photographs of vases,

or photographs of sculpturesó
unless the sculptures happen

to be enjoying sex,
or the vases are broken.

                            This Japanese potter
                            fills a vesselís cracks
                            with molten gold.

Ah, hereís a hip Brit
who creates graffiti
by washing away grime:

From a factory wall
he rubs away whatever

isnít an elephant,

            or a skullís             irritated teeth.

                                            White woods, grasses.

A flower composed         of clean.

Clever letters in the negative
            of leaves blown away:

                                            Think About


Everything is missing you.

W. Vandoren Wheeler
Copyright © 2014  

W. Vandoren Wheeler was born in Las Cruces, New Mexico. He has published poems in fine publications such as H_ngM_n, Forklift, Swink, and ratemyprofessors.com. His manuscript, The Accidentalist, won the Dorothy Brunsman Prize and was published by Bear Star Press in 2012. He currently teaches in Portland, Oregon.

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