Thomas Gillaspy   2014 All Rights Reserved

First Night Alone

Dusk cracks its mandible, shows
its purpled mouth, a hint of its
waiting cavern. Now it stalks tall
grass, a lone, furred dingo ready
to howl and start the hunt.

I am accustomed to being twinned,
a two-legged thing. Unhinged, I lean
toward falling. Night pokes its muzzle
to nudge the door ajar. It licks my jaw,
its pink tongue a promise of dawn.


Donna Vorreyer
Copyright 2014  

Donna Vorreyer lives, writes, and teaches in the Chicago area. She is the author of five chapbooks, and her first full-length collection A House of Many Windows was released in 2013 by Sundress Publications. Visit her online at

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