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Exotic Travel

When you are in a good mood
exotic travel is possible, snowbound
at the Metropolitan Museum of Art,
for example.

On rainy Saturdays, to make truffle
butter for plates of Risotto and sit
before the electric fire,

Clementines, clean as yellow tigers
filling the house with orange scent;

One Sunday, passing under the 1,000
bulbs of the Ford Theater on Broadway
I notice your hair color,
light sunburn on summer breeze.

Bernard Henrie
Copyright 2014  

Bernard Henrie is a currency day trader living on the edge of the Mojave Desert. Publications include Apt, Apple Valley Review, Apparatus, Avatar, La Petite Zine, Lily, MiPOesias, and Quarterly Literary Review Singapore. Mark Doty selected his poem for second place in the Interboard Poetry Competition. He has two Pushcart nominations.  

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