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On an Elevator I Ask a Coworker, How’s It Going?
   T.J. Sandella
Colons   John Davis
Three Frankenstein sonnets  Simone Muench & Dean Rader
When They Serialize My Life They’re Going To Have A Problem With 1993    Amorak Huey
You Ask Me to Think of the Outside   Tanya Muzumdar
Gratitude    Katherine Riegel
It was still a good crop this year  Wendy Neale
Three prose poems   Kasia Juno
Of the Father  Matt W. Miller
The mirror reflects the arrival of bees  Arlene Ang
At the Museum of Modern Art  Rebecca van Laer
Winter Wind Etude    Lillian Kwok

Featured Poet

Marge Piercy


From the Ether    Sally Ashton, Editor-In-Chief

From the Archives    Tracy Brimhall, May 2007 Issue

Visuals by
Audrey Heller

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