You Ask Me to Think of the Outside

glass torsos
            in the grass.
            their opera sails––
            wingtips striking
the teeth of other wings.

it was the muscle
speed in rising heat.
            your ochre hands
making old decisions on the piano.

unzipping the ceiling
to hear
            blue envelopes arrow
over the ocean––
            your writing me. it was

the egg, shaken,
a kittiwake
            turned quiet inside.

a worm tremor before
lava. it was brutal light
            on a map & kneeling
on the ground
            to drink water from a black lair.

            your lacquer & husk.

bending, melting
snow in a pan,
            jean hems pink-
rimmed with algae.
            it was the dry white lake & the way

            the bell rang louder in winter.


Tanya Muzumdar
Copyright © 2014  

Tanya Muzumdar is a freelance magazine editor and travel writer living in northern Michigan. She is also an MFA candidate in poetry at Pacific University and the managing editor of Dunes Review. Her poems have recently appeared or are forthcoming in Gigantic Sequins, Prairie Schooner, Cherry Tree, and Salamander.

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