Settling like an animal in sleep

Settling like an animal in sleep
the poem lies down in the darkness and
pretends to rest. But, it knows where you keep
your secrets, it knows your story, your plan,
your favorite rum cocktail, your dislike
of pantaloons and fossils. It translates
your blighted life into hyacinth light
but adds crime scene tape. It reinstates
that which you and only you have sought to
suppress. The poem is your best and worst
you, your hidden sky, its cavernous blue.
It is a tour de force, a Trojan horse,
the wilderness enshrouded in your mouth
the names of the dead engraved on each tooth.


The beautiful American word, Sure

The beautiful American word, Sure,
as ubiquitous as barbeques and
aneurisms. Ensure; assure; cocksure; fo sho.
It drifts through diners, coffee shops, a spawned
salmon swimming against itself. The spun
waters of language and acquiescence
are at once both conveyance and hindrance,
both hesitation and confirmation.

Where we are subtracted into shadow
and added back as echo and avowal.
Where the sound sits on our tongue in a drawl
of doubt. Ring tone of prevarication,
you are my you betcha, my no problemo
my lexical promise of obligation.


You are alone. Whatever idea here rises from its knees

You are alone. Whatever idea here rises from its knees
will soon enough stand before the quick-to-be-forgotten.
There comes a day when we all realize we are neither
the silo nor the plow. Are we the sheep? The wheat?
Or, are we merely marrow and sorrow, songbirds
dead from the glass we could not see? Some of us
grow sheaths as we undergo loss, some transform
into ghost trees, and still some others stay

right where they are. Stasis, the experts tell us, is
another word for eminence, but not right away.
Believe though the bodyís ability to furrow its
loneliness, sowing leaves, galaxies, laughter and fur.
Believe that in the middle of stillness
                                there is always an open door.

Simone Muench and Dean Rader, collaborators.
Copyright © 2014

Simone Muench and Dean Raderís sonnets from their Frankenstein series have been published or are forthcoming in the American Poetry Review, New American Writing, Zyzzyva, POOL, Blackbird and others.

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