Carolyn Krieg   © 2013 All Rights Reserved

Ground Water

wrung from rock
a blood a black
oil one to match
sparks one to crush
shale one to ring
slate one to smash
veins pyrite fools
gold a geologist
or cardiologist
cannot bare
does not have
the heart to gash
the cliff to cleave
the gist to land
to grind a grist
hear hills
a throb a sob
and still


Janet Norman Knox
Copyright © 2013  

Janet Norman Knox is a seven-time Pushcart nominee and Discovery/The Nation Award finalist. Her collection, Eastlake Cleaners When Quality & Price Count [a romance] received Concrete Wolf’s Editor’s award. She is a Red Hen Press Ruskin Poetry Prize recipient, and the Los Angeles Review nominated her for Best New Poets. She collaborates with artists Anne Beffel and Vaughn Bell.

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